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The Epiphany!™ Story

As a fifth generation San Diegan and granddaughter of a produce rancher, I learned at an early age how important ground water is for growing and grazing our food supply.

Living in Southern California and growing up in the 70’s, I remember the droughts and the clever campaigns. Our family's favorite was, “Don’t blush, share a flush". I remember our toilet being swapped out for the new low flush model. My parents had very strict limits on our showers and use of all utilities. We were very green even back then! Those habits became ingrained in me and like my grandfather and parents, I too, want there to be plenty of water and food for future generations.

We've seen improvements and bigger savings with energy efficient washing machines and dishwashers, but for decades there hasn't been any change in water and energy savings in the shower space. Why is that? Other than low flow shower heads, timers, and cut-off valves, there still isn’t a real universal product option or solution for us.

Big plumbing companies have conducted numerous studies on customer’s shower experiences and their opinion of a low flow shower. The results clearly show that they don’t like them! They don’t want to sacrifice their “sacred place". They don’t really want to change their habits. They want more flow of water!

I think we’ve all had an epiphany - that burst of clarity! I literally had mine while taking a shower in an upscale Leed Certified hotel. Impressed and delighted with all the wonderful energy saving features they had, it was their water saving features that were a miserable fail. The hotel’s expected 40% savings with the low flow shower head they had installed went right down the drain! What should have been a five minute shower turned into fifteen minutes of frustration, disappointment and the beginning of the Epiphany!™

The Epiphany!™ uses state of the art sensors and AI

that seamlessly and automatically alter the flow of water,

providing a luxurious shower experience with true efficiency.

“Perhaps the best “low hanging fruit” solution to water savings was a product from my friends at Epiphany Shower. When it comes to using water efficiently without compromise, this is a real solution! It was great to be at the NHS and show people this device and see their eyes light up! … the Epiphany Shower System was so well received that it was awarded a New Product Innovation Award by Sky Mall.

Sky Mall

“The drought has hit the Los Angeles area hard. Many customers are looking for products to save water and money… Your product fits with our goal of providing innovative devices that reduce water consumption and saves the consumer money, which will pay for the device in a number of months. We look forward to providing your product in the Los Angeles area.”

Bruce Bloom, President Hollywood Hardware, Studio City, CA