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Epiphany!™ uses state of the art sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that seamlessly and automatically alters the flow of water, providing a luxurious shower experience with true efficiency.

“Perhaps the best “low hanging fruit” solution to water savings was a product from my friends at Epiphany Shower. When it comes to using water efficiently without compromise, this is a real solution! It was great to be at the NHS and show people this device and see their eyes light up! … the Epiphany Shower System was so well received that it was awarded a New Product Innovation Award by Sky Mall.

Sky Mall

“The drought has hit the Los Angeles area hard. Many customers are looking for products to save water and money… Your product fits with our goal of providing innovative devices that reduce water consumption and saves the consumer money, which will pay for the device in a number of months. We look forward to providing your product in the Los Angeles area.”

Bruce Bloom, President Hollywood Hardware, Studio City, CA