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How It Works

Here’s how it works!

Epiphany!™ fits between your shower head and the shower arm. 

Installation and the beginning of savings takes about 5 minutes.

Epiphany!™ knows when you are under the shower head or “in the zone”
and need full flow.

Epiphany!™ knows when you step away or are “out of the zone”
and can have a dialed back flow.

With Epiphany!™, savings happen during the warm-up cycle and continue when you step “out of the zone” to lather, shampoo or shave.

You control your shower automatically, the way you like it. You typically save 50 - 60% on water, energy and waste utilities. No more military showers, the temperature stays where you set it, no pushing a button on or off, no compromising your sacred place.

The water-efficient solution for people who love to take a shower and for those who just want to get in and get out! Epiphany!™

Installation is easy!

Installation takes about 5 minutes and an adjustable wrench.

  • Remove your shower head
  • Remove any mineral deposits or old Teflon tape from the shower arm threads
  • Wrap new Teflon tape around the shower arm thread
  • Attach Epiphany!™ to the shower arm
  • Attach your shower head to Epiphany!™
  • That’s it!

When you turn on your shower, all the wonderful features and benefits begin automatically. All you have to do is enjoy your shower and maybe… have your own Epiphany!™

Epiphany!™ uses state of the art sensors and AI

that seamlessly and automatically alters the flow of water,

providing a luxurious shower experience with true efficiency.

“Perhaps the best “low hanging fruit” solution to water savings was a product from my friends at Epiphany Shower. When it comes to using water efficiently without compromise, this is a real solution! It was great to be at the NHS and show people this device and see their eyes light up! … the Epiphany Shower System was so well received that it was awarded a New Product Innovation Award by Sky Mall.

Sky Mall

“The drought has hit the Los Angeles area hard. Many customers are looking for products to save water and money… Your product fits with our goal of providing innovative devices that reduce water consumption and saves the consumer money, which will pay for the device in a number of months. We look forward to providing your product in the Los Angeles area.”

Bruce Bloom, President Hollywood Hardware, Studio City, CA